2016 Kawartha Zone Ski Patrol Award Winners

75th Anniversary

2015 / 2016 Kawartha Zone Award Winners

Kawartha Zone Award winners recognized at Admiral Inn, Lindsay Ontario, on April 16, 2016.

Kawartha zone policy is to award pins for each 5 years of service to the system. The following patrollers were recognized.

Five (5) year awards.

Ashiq Walgee
David Tillaart
Paul Lewis
Jennifer Delaney
Stewart McGhie
Trevor Copeland
Arthur Cannell
Ryan Hogg
Thomas Carson
Sean Rogers
Jessica Cassano

Ten (10) year awards.

Alex Klebnikoff
Scott Douglas
Simon Geller
Kevin MacDonald
Helen Mead

Fifteen (15) year awards.

Sheila Reesor
Debby Martin
Margaret Ritchie

Twenty (20) year awards.
Bob Rocque

Twenty -five (25) year awards
Gord Goral
Tim Manery

Thirty (30) years award.
Bill Gyurka
Thirty-five (35) year awards.
Peter Hamley
Forty-five (45) year awards.
John Hogg


Zone Supporter Awards.
Trevor Haddrath
Belinda Manery

Zone Achievement.
Lesley McMillan # 279
Thomas Carson # 280
Corine McTaggart # 281
Mike McTaggart # 282
April Ferguson # 283
Ron Lipsius # 284
Earl Milley # 285
Katie Plaunt # 286
Bart Packman # 287
Frank Levec # 288

Zone Appreciation.
Nick Kroeger # 130
Greg Dell`Agnese # 131
Alex Klebnikoff # 132
John Toomey # 133
Brian Hart # 134
Tim McKenna # 135
Kevin McDonald # 136

Zone Skills Competition Awards.
Penton Cup
From Lakeridge and Skyloft Patrol:

Aimann Lou Balatayo
Michel Simmard
Jennifer Remus

Mackenzie Cup winners
From Lakeridge

James Prine
Glen Porter
Karen Heffer-Schultz

Zone Outstanding Instructors.
Janice Aluin??????????? Brimacombe

Zone Safety Award.
Not Awarded

Zone Executive Recognition Award.
Not Awarded

Zone Honourary Awards.
Not Awarded


Eric Nystedt Memorial Humanitarian Award

Peter Bakermans? from Dagmar

Rookie of the Year Nominees for 2015:

Dagmar???????????????????????????????? Dustin Whyte
Devil?s Elbow??????????????????????? Shain Kimbell??????????????????????????????????????????? Zone Rookie of the Year
Lakeridge????????????????????????????? Michel Simard????????????????????????????????????????????Michel Simard???????????? Lakeridge
Brimacombe???????????????????????? Melanie Brooks
SkyLoft????????????????????????????????? Jennifer Remus
Sir Sam?s??????????????? ???????????????Philip O”Reilley
Kawartha Nordic

President?s Trophy Nominees for 2015 ? Veteran of the Year

Dagmar????????????????????????????????Scott Sutton
Devil?s Elbow??????????????????????Roger Whetherall??????????????????????????????????????? Zone Veteran of the Year
Lakeridge?????????????????????????????John Toomey?????????????????????????????????????????????? Brian Hart???????????????? Brimacombe
Brimacombe????????????????????????Brian Hart
Sir Sams???????????????????????????????Leslie McMillan

Zone Outstanding Executive of the Year Award
Gary Collins?????????????????????????Brimacombe

Zone Service Recognition.??

Bob Thompson Executive VP
Rob Hofbauer Director of On Snow
Bill White Director of Operations

Kawartha Zone Life Members

Tim Manery??????????????????? # 12
Dan Volman???????????????????# 13


Zone Patrol of the Year
Lakeridge Patrol???????????John Toomeyn, PL.

On Saturday Evening we also took a few moments to recognize Kawartha Zone Patrollers who have been recognized for their contributions at the Ontario Division and National levels of the system over the last year.

Ontario Division Awards recognized at Algonquin Zone, Ontario in February 2016

Ontario Division Appreciation Awards

Name???????????????????????????????????? Number???????????????? Patrol
Tim Cox????????????????????????????????? # 448????????????????????Dagmar
Steve Reeves????????????????????????? # 456????????????????????Dagmar

Ontario Division Comp- on snow Sheild

James Prine
Glen Porter
Lou Montgomery

National Awards.

Keeping with tradition we announced that the following Kawartha Zone Patrollers will be recognized with National Awards to be presented to them at the National Annual Conference to be held in May in Montreal

National Appreciation Award.

Rob Carson??????????? # 1668
Rob Hofbauer?????? # 1678

Canadian Ski Patroller Award.
Russ Pyper??????????? # 915