4 Seasons / Special Events Patrol

Our 4 Seasons & Special Events Patrol (also know as 4S/SE – “The Force”) is made up of Superior Zone Patrollers just like you.  Literally.  We draw from the pool of alpine and nordic patrollers in thunder bay.  We are local patrollers looking to keep in touch with our friends over the “off season” and stay involved with the CSP by supporting local special events.

The 4 Seasons / Special Events Patrol is how Superior Zone is hired by local & regional event planners and organizations to provide First Aid support and Event Safety planning services.The 4S/SE Patrol will also work with local patrols to augment services for special events at our ski areas over the winter.   The Ski Patrol receives a donation or in-kind support for providing these services.

Your commitments to the 4S/SE Patrol is on an event by event basis.   For each event your volunteer at, you will receive  a rebate off of next seasons CSP registration dues.  In 2014 Superior Zone returned almost $500.00 in rebates to patrollers.  100% of funds raised by 4S/SE patrol activities remain in our zone.

Music Festivals, triathlons, adventure races, trail runs,  mountain biking, obstacle races … The potential for summer events is endless. 

If you have an idea of an event being run that would benefit from having CSP First Aiders please pass it on.  If you have any questions about how you can get involved with the 4S/SE Patrol, drop us a line.

Oh, and welcome to the dark side….

Ian Casey

Patrol Leader  – 4S/SE Patrol

CSP Superior Zone