Welcome to the Canadian Ski Patrol – Kawartha Zone.

The Canadian Ski Patrol is a National Organization dedicated to promoting Safe Skiing & Riding . The Canadian Ski Patrol is a registered non-profit corporation comprising highly trained volunteer and professional members. The System is national in scope and was formed to promote safe skiing and to provide assistance to injured skiers. The CSP’s membership of more than 4000 patrollers provides a Canada-Wide , highly skilled and responsible service to the snow industry .

We promote safety and injury prevention and provide the highest possible standards of education, certification and delivery in advanced first aid and rescue services to the snow industry.

Kawartha Zone is now over 200 active members, we draw our membership from South Eastern Ontario and its patrolled  areas. (See Resort links on the side bar)

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Our 365 Patrol is in Action…

In Kawartha Zone,  our non-skiing event program operates year ‘round, offering first response medical support for a wide cross-section of sporting events including cycling, mountain biking, speed skating, beach volleyball, and running events ranging from local 5K runs to trail runs, to international marathons.

Our support of these events assists the fundraising efforts of charitable organizations such as the  Heart & Stroke Foundation, The Terry Fox Foundation, The Princess Margaret  Foundation to fight Prostate Cancer, Camp Oochigeas For Children With Cancer,  Sick Kids Foundation, Easter Seals Ontario, Canadian Cancer Society and many more. Our services are rewarded with a donation to the Canadian Ski Patrol, Kawartha Zone.

As outdoor sports enthusiasts, CSP patrollers are self-sufficient, excel in teamwork and prompt communications, and thrive in extreme weather conditions. All are trained  to be mobile, are well versed in treating athletic injuries, and fully capable of being the first response for any medical illness or trauma. In particular, our patrollers are adept at diagnosing a situation and solving it quickly with the appropriate (and available) tools before dispatching to medical aid.

Over the years, our team has also developed relationships and experience working in tandem with other volunteers, event organizers, lifeguards and medical professionals such as police, fire and local Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

We will adapt our services to individual event requirements by coordinating the entire medical team, or filling in the gaps on bike or foot. In short, we provide the tools, expertise, equipment, people and know-how.

If you would like more information about how we might support your event, please contact:

Roger Wetherall (Logistics): roger@disensors.com
Denise Sebastian (Operations): dcs0112@hotmail.com
Sheila Reesor (Communications): sheila.reesor@skipatrol.ca