2019-2020 Zone President’s Awards – Round 3

We have had the honour of presenting many significant awards and service pins in the past month. We hope people have enjoyed being able to watch the awards virtually through Facebook (either live or afterwards). We wish that everyone was able to celebrate together, but we are making the best of the current situations!
Service Pins
10 Years
Chris Moschopedis – first aid instructor, patrol leader of Lakeridge
Bruce Mallalieu – has patrolled in different zones across the country, including taking on PL at a hill out west.
Steve MorrowSteve Morrow – has recently returned to patrolling after taking time off. Nice to see you back on skis!
Michell Nancekivell – has been a first aid instructor and on snow instructor at Lakeridge
Lou Montgomery – Lakeridge patroller, has been in the role of recruitment officer
25 Years
Darren Brocanier – Is an on snow and first aid instructor at Brimacombe. Has put in many hours at the hill and always brings a smile to every shift!
35 Years
Roger Weatherall – Roger has participated in many CSP competitions, and even has a gold, first place award from the national competition! Roger started in Central Zone, but has been with Kawartha Zone for 10 years. He is our current director of CPR and always amazes people with his talented skills with OPA’s! Thank you for your dedication.
45 Years
A.P. Crawford – A.P. has been a valuable asset to the CSP and especially Kawartha Zone. She has over 20 awards from the CSP, including Kawartha Zone life member #11. She is a first aid instructor with over 1000 teaching hours recorded since we kept digital records, has participated in field days, ski swaps, national conferences and has made significant changes within the CSP. Thank you for your dedication!

Zone Awards
Kawartha Zone Achievement Award
Daphne Martire – Daphne has been a member of the Lakeridge patrol. She has recently joined the education team as a first aid instructor. This year Daphne also stepped up and helped the Lakeridge patrol by taking on the task of running the canteen, and even with a knee injury she still completed over 100 hours. Daphne also worked very hard on improving her skiing and tobogganing skills this season. Congratulations Daphne!