2019-2020 Zone President’s Award Winners

Round One!

On August 16, 2020, a small group of CSP executive and general members met (in accordance with current pandemic protocols) to personally award our first group of people to be recognized for their work and dedication to the Canadian Ski Patrol.  We all wish that these awards could be recognized with all our CSP members in attendance.

The first award that was received went to John Toomey.  He has been a valuable member of the Lakeridge patrol for over 12 years.  He has taken on many roles at the hill as APL and PL.  He has received Kawartha Zone awards for his involvement in the patrol and his increased involvement in the zone at large. He has taken on the role of instructor in first aid, then joined the on-snow instructors as well.  John has also led a recertification weekend at Lakeridge.  This past season, John has taken on and created a highly successful Estore for our zone clothing items.  This was the first program of this kind in the country, and it was a great success for Kawartha Zone, and other zones in the province are following our lead with this program.  Congratulations John on your Ontario Division Appreciation Award. 

The next award was given to Rob Hofbauer.  Rob has been a very dedicated patroller with the Kawartha Zone.  He joined the instructor team in 2003, putting in many hours, both on the snow and in the classroom.  Rob has been involved in many aspects of the CSP, and volunteers for many events and is always ready to lend a hand.  He has been recognized by patrol, zone, division and national levels for his achievements and involvements.  Rob was awarded the Ontario Division Special Award for his many contributions to the CSP for 20 years.

The next award was presented to Rob Carson.  Rob gracefully took on Education VP and has excelled at this exceedingly difficult position.  He has created a wonderful team of instructors, put in many hours to develop our education program, being involved in zone and division levels.  Rob has put in over 960+ hours since 2006.  Rob travels to many education centres, attends functions of education and other events as well.  He has been a valuable asset to our education team and for this he is awarded the Outstanding Executive of the Year 2020.

Our final award was presented to Lesley McMillan.  The instructor team of Kawartha Zone is a wonderful team of dedicated instructors and full of many outstanding people.  Lesley has been involved with instructing very quickly after joining the patrol in 2012.  She is a first aid instructor, on snow instructor and became an instructor trainer.  She puts in countless hours attending educational activities and functions, field days, attending many different training centers, and has hosted refresher weekends in Lindsay the last few years.  Lesley also assisted with organizing and ran a successful Instructor Yearly Update this past season.  For these involvements and achievements, she has been awarded the Outstanding Instructor Award 2020.

Congratulations everyone on being recognized by the Kawartha Zone and Ontario Division for your incredible achievements, involvements, and the countless hours that you have put forward to the CSP.

More awards will be acknowledged in the coming weeks/months.  Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, we are not able to invite as many people to be present at the awards as we would like to, so please stay tuned to the Canadian Ski Patrol, Kawartha Zone Facebook page to know when our next live presentations will be.