2019-2020 Zone President’s Awards – Round 2

Today was the second round of awards and we had 6 deserving people recognized.

Octavius Brocanier received the Kawartha Zone Supporter Award. Octavius has been involved in our field days for new recruits for the past 10 years and has also been a patient at training centres for as long. He has assisted at ski swaps, assists at Brimacombe by blocking off runs, carrying equipment, helping escort children when their parents have been injured, assisting the non-tech savvy patrollers learn how to use the tablet to complete forms, and so many more tasks and offers of support for many years! We hope to have him join the patrol in the future!

Darren Brocanier received acknowledgement for his 25 years of patrolling. Darren has been involved with training both in the classroom and on the hill. He has held many positions within the patrol and is also a shift lead at his home hill of Brimacombe. He is a very encouraging and positive member of the CSP.

Roger Weatherall received acknowledgment for his 35 years on the patrol. He also received a Zone Appreciation Award. Roger started his patrolling in Central Zone and transferred to Kawartha 10 years ago. Roger has instructed in Kawartha and Central, and is currently the Director of CPR, and enjoys working with all patrollers every year to requalify. Roger has also been involved in the 365 events and helped to organize and manage many events throughout the years. Roger has held many positions and has too many awards to mention (from competitions to national awards). Congratulations Roger and thank you for all your work and dedication.

Sheila Reesor was the next recipient of the Kawartha Zone Achievement Award. She also started her patrolling in Central and came to Kawartha Zone 10 years ago. Sheila has been an instructor with Kawartha Zone for 10 years, and currently works with Roger to ensure all our patrollers are proficient in CPR. Sheila has also been a shift lead at Brimacombe for the past 2 seasons for her reliability, attention to detail, and her abilities as a patroller. Sheila has been involved in many 365 events and has taught the 365 first aid program in previous years. Sheila has been involved in competitions as well and was one of the organizers for these events. She is also very involved at a national level. Thank you for your years as a dedicated patroller with Kawartha Zone!

Lesley McMillan also received a Kawartha Zone Achievement Award. In the 8 years as a patroller with KZ, she has joined the executive as secretary treasurer, keeping notes, documenting, and attempting to keep the executive on task and organized. She is also a member of the Central Zone Motorcycle Emergency Response Unit (M-ERU) and is an APL with that team. She was on the zone patrol this past season and went on schedule with Brimacombe when they asked for assistance in covering shifts at the end of the season. She is involved in education both on snow and in the classroom, assists at the ski swaps, helps to organize, and run field days, and this past season she took on a new project of running and organizing SNOW Day. This was a day of fun and learning for our female patrollers in Kawartha Zone, the first of many!

Our final award was given to Rob Carson. Rob has now received the highest operational award at the National level of the CSP. He was awarded the distinguished Canadian Ski Patroller award. He has been a valuable patroller, taken on VP of Education, works with division and national ensuring that Kawartha Zone is well represented, has over 900 teaching hours, is a valuable member of the Brimacombe patrol and takes on shift lead, attends many 365 events, participated in swaps. Rob is very deserving of this award for the many years of dedication to the CSP and we are incredibly lucky to have him!!! Congratulations on your CSP #945.